Friday, February 8, 2013


Tonight Zakkai got to go to a school dance called a Hootenany! The hoot comes because they are the Barnsdale Owls. So these cute little kindergartners were instructed to dress in cowboy gear and come ready to dance!

Here's my little cowboy:

He looked so cute:) We don't have cowboy boots so we made do with snow boots instead! Thrifty, we are.
So, Z was SO excited to go and has asked every day this week if he would be allowed to go and do you know what he did when we got there?
Just stood in the doorway like a little statue. I was going to drop him off and he was going to come home with a friend but I couldn't leave when I saw how nervous he was:( He decorated a bandana, got a tattoo and had a little snack and received several hellos from classmates but that was about it. He never ventured beyond a foot or two inside the gym doors. He finally decided to come home with me after about 40 minutes.
I'm glad he tried, at least! He said there were too many kids and it was overwhelming for him. Reminds me of a certain brother of his!
He still looked pretty darn cute in his button down shirt:)

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Aunt t said...

So cute, Z sounds like some of us in this family! I understand his shyness!