Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kid Stories!

Mommy was super slow with dinner tonight so the boys went ahead and got in their pj's and did a puzzle with Daddy:)

And Missy did a little shopping with Baby Anna:) I've been thinking for awhile that it would be fun to do a post on some of the best things we have ever bought or received b/c there are just things that last and last or are a huge hit and there are others that you think you have to have and you don't use them or they break in 5 minutes!

This shopping cart, a gift from the wonderful Grandma, is one of the best toys ever! It has lasted through all 3 munchkins and is still going strong.

Baby Anna is like a new member of our family:) Grandma-Great picked a winner!!

Want to know why dinner took so long? This is why:

We had subs tonight and I didn't buy any sub buns at the store so I decided to make my own! Boy was that a great idea! We probably won't buy sub buns again!

They were truly delicious and not very hard to make. Yum!

A few funny and great stories from or about my kiddos!

First up is Zakkai, who struggles mightily with patience. It is not his virtue yet but hopefully it will be someday! We constantly are reminding him to wait and be still and patient and quoting our favorite family verse that resides on our refrigerator, "Love is patient, Love is kind....etc"

The other morning, he was bugging for something and I said, "Zakkai, remember to be patient please." He gave a huge exasperated sigh and said, "I know! Love is patient. I wish I could cross that part out!" Haha! Me thinks he will be having some trials of patience in his life until he figures out how to have some!!

Miss Bossy Thang has been giving lots of orders lately. Samuel was bugging her yesterday morning and she kept telling him to stop. Finally, she said very authoritatively, "Go downstairs, Samuel!" Ha!

We've been working hard on reminding her to say her "pleases" since she thinks we all need some bossing. She makes me laugh with her commands sometimes. Tonight, just after dinner, she said in a sing-songy voice, "Mama..." I was putting away some dishes and sang back somewhat distractedly, "Wha-at?"

She said, "Answer now, Mama!" Ha! Someone's a bit big for her britches!

Eliana is also Dora-obsessed lately. As in, Dora the Explorer. We get Dora books from the library and a couple times a week she gets to watch a Dora cartoon. Dora uses some Spanish words in her books/shows so I shouldn't have been surprised on the drive home from the eye dr yesterday when Eliana suddenly blurted out, "Excellente!" Although, hers sounded more like, "Excellentenennae." :)

And last but certainly not least! I checked my email after getting back from the rush of dropping the boys off at school and found an email from Samuel's teacher. When I saw his name in the subject line, I was a little nervous, worrying that there might have been some incident in school or something. But what I read brought such a happy thrill to my heart and tears to my eyes.

Apparently yesterday at recess, a group of kids were playing Kick and Catch, as they usually do. A classmate of Samuel's kicked the ball but since it was drizzly and wet, he slipped and fell. The other boys started laughing at him, even though he was hurt and crying. Samuel's teacher was watching the whole thing and she noticed Samuel lagging behind the other kids and he brought his classmate over to his teacher, had his hand on his back and told her that he had gotten hurt and the other kids had laughed at him.

She was so impressed by his compassion that she used the moment to be a teachable one. She said Samuel then offered to take the boy to the health office so he could get cleaned up/patched up. She told me that if she could have a whole class of kids like Samuel, she would be the happiest teacher and that we should be proud of him!

It still makes me so very happy and teary to even write about it. We talk and teach and try so hard to model (although not very successfully) to be kind and compassionate and loving. Remember our family verses?? And it's harder for siblings to act that way towards each other, I think. We've talked to the boys so many times about treating others how they would like to be treated and not falling in with the crowd and laughing or not helping someone.

I guess he's been listening! I pray this compassion in his heart will only grow and that he will lead by example and always want to do what is right!! So very proud of my Samuel!!

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