Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Miss Ellie Belly

"Boy, is she TWO!" is a phrase that is becoming quite common around here. You might hear it at least once a day if you are nearby. And I'm sure you would agree with it, too!

Our Sweet Little Miss is just that, sweet, (oh so sweet!) but SO two! She is totally irrational and emotional, charming and adorable and can drive you batty and make you want to eat her all up within 5 minutes of each other.

This was Eliana yesterday after I spent 10 minutes getting the 2 of us bundled up in layers so we could follow my brilliant idea of going to play in the snow. Because playing in the snow = less energy = better nap! (very helpful for someone who has been fighting naps lately...)

So we walked outside and she burst into tears and refused to touch one single beautiful speck of snow. So we went back inside to begin the happy laborious process of undressing. Boy!

Apparently, she'd rather we brought the snow to her, which we've done a few times in the last few days! Ben took this one on Sunday.

Oh and part of the "two year old syndrome" is definite opinions on what one ought to or not to wear. After taking off several layers of clothes from our disappointing 2 minute trip outside yesterday, Eliana refused to put her pants back on, instead sporting a fashionable ensemble of striped tights, crocs, her shirt and a book bag. Oh, she's going places, this one!

She decided to be a big helper yesterday and sweep. She does love to help and she's a pretty good helper, too! In a 2 year old sort of way:) She helps me with laundry and emptying the dishwasher and cleaning up. Well, except when it's her mess, of course!

And, oh, we could talk for hours about Baby Anna! I caught her sitting on the steps before dinner this afternoon, singing "Rock-a-bye Baby" to her baby. She LOVES to sing this song with me and have me cradle her and now she's doing the same to her baby:) Little mommy!

She also loves to sing (and knows most of the words to) "Jesus Loves Me" (which you know), "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," and the "ABCs." She's our little hummingbird!

And this Little Lady gives us the silliest laughs sometimes. She's been doing this really funny "hahaha" laugh lately:) (her face is orange b/c she was eating peppers!)

Eliana has been talking in such clear sentences these past couple of weeks! She's gone from 3-4 word sentences to 5 now! She very clearly and distinctly said to Ben today, "Can I have some carrots, too?"

She can count mostly up to 15 (with a few misses like ten, 'leven, twelve, firteen, forty), she can count to five in Spanish, loves to say things like, "I fink so" and "Yes!" and "What you doin'?", which never fails to make me smile:)

Her new favorite books to look through are these search and find books that someone gave me. She has them memorized because we look at them over and over and over...I'm guessing she'll be a reader like her mommy and daddy because she never says no to a story! You'll often find her sitting by herself on the couch reading, listening to Samuel read to her or snuggled in our laps soaking up a good story:)

Such a joy, this Sweet Girl!


Emily S. said...

Welcome to the club! Sometimes I wonder if A is bi-polar or just a two-year-old! One of her favorite things to say to us right now is "Stop talking to me like that!", which drives us up the wall.

aunt t said...

Such a cutie pie! She eats peppers raw? Like how do you get a baby to eat peppers? Amazing!
How many inches of snow do you have on the ground?

Grandma W said...

A true joy and blessing.

mommyoflove3 said...

Emily, is it just me or do you fear the teenage years?? Aunt Terri, we just started offering sliced raw peppers to them a few years ago and they all love them! We probably have 3 inches on the ground. Not too much but still fun!