Saturday, January 5, 2013

Big Brother.

Samuel fell in love with having a sister from the minute he found out he was going to have one! He thought my pregnancy with her lasted forever! (And I can see why he felt that way!) He couldn't wait to meet her, to help take care of her, to watch her grow.

He rarely gets frustrated with her. It's only her recent induction into the land of irrational 2 year old-isms that pushes his buttons but even still, he treats her with gentleness and love.

He takes the role of protective big brother seriously. He, along with our Z-man, is quick to tell us when she is doing something dangerous or unsafe. He teaches her words, how to do things, how to play with certain toys. And recently, we've found him several times reading books to her. Even today in the car, she was getting sleepy (and therefore, irritable!) and he found a book nearby and started reading it to her, curbing the inevitable tantrum.

I can foresee a close relationship between these two. I see him watching over her, protecting her, loving her every step of the way. And I see her looking up to him, watching to see what he does and how he acts, wanting to be just like him. She and Zakkai have a totally different relationship. Z is a little quicker to erupt and get frustrated at her constant, "MINE!" but also fantastic at getting her to giggle freely and play wild silly games.

How blessed is she to have such wonderful brothers and for them to have each other and a sweet little sister to watch over. 

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muggalove said...

That is so nice to have a big brother who will protect you and teach you so many things!