Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back to School!

 We are off to a good start to this year:) The kiddos went back to school yesterday and we're back to homework and starving boys after school and all that comes with it. Poor Samuel apparently was exposed to Fifths Disease, a.k.a. Slapped Cheek Disease, sometime in the past couple of weeks and broke out in a really bad rash on his cheeks and today his body. Out of respect for his sensitive heart and self-consciousness, I won't be posting any close-up pictures of him. Suffice it to say, it's been really bad! I really hope it clears up soon because I feel really bad for him. He doesn't want to go to school or anything. Reminds me so much of me!

When we were in OH for Christmas, we had a really sad flukey mishap and 2 of the boys' brand-new Lego sets got thrown away:( We've all been really sad about it. Yesterday I returned a couple of movies they got for Christmas and with the help of 2 little giftcards I've been carrying around for awhile, I was able to get one set to replace the 2 they lost. So after school and homework was finished, all 3 kiddos sat at the table and built SO nicely together!

Another really great gift the kiddos got for Christmas was a Cousins Photobook that my sister put together for each family. In it are pictures of all of our families, who are living in 4 different states. It's so that our little ones can look at pictures of each other and remember even if we don't all live close by. Eliana has REALLY enjoyed looking at it this week! I often find her on the couch or chair studying the pictures and saying all of her cousin's names:) 

Hope your week is off to a good start, too!


Anonymous said...

I had a time figuring out how to comment! Jess has a picture book for Hattie of her family! It's such a great idea. Aunt t

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