Monday, January 7, 2013

Jesus Loves Me.

The first night we were in OH, Eliana did NOT sleep well! I never sleep well my first night somewhere else, so I shouldn't have been surprised. She was coughing and crying out for a while and finally, at 1:30am, decided she was good to go. For THREE hours.

I would doze and then jerk awake everytime she talked, or scratched her fingernails along the side of the netted pack n' play. Then I'd look at the clock and realize only 6 minutes had passed since I'd last glanced at the glowing numbers.

I was starting to feel really frustrated at not being able to sleep when the most beautiful, sweetest, angelic sound came out of the darkness. It was our sweet girl singing her very favorite song, "Jesus Loves Me" to herself.

Instantly any frustration that either of us felt drained away. We clasped hands and listened to Eliana sing the simple words of truth, that I hope she strongly will believe someday.

I tried to capture her singing today, although she was being pretty silly while she was singing. But here's a glimpse anyways. She melts our hearts!


Emily and Frank said...

So cute!

Anonymous said...

So sweet, I love hearing about everyone! Love, aunt t

grandma said...

That is so sweet..My how cute is she..How are the stair climing coming she was doing such a good job when she was here..So sorry about s hope he is better now.

mommyoflove3 said...

Gma, she is doing great with the stairs! She goes down backwards, just like she learned at your house and K's house. We miss you!

Grandma W said...

There is nothing sweeter than a child singing "Jesus Loves Me." Oh, that she grows strong in knowing the words of the song are truth. I hope and pray S is doing better.