Monday, January 14, 2013

Catching up!

Just look at the little guy. All tuckered out..... (Name that movie!)

I don't think we had a particularly exciting weekend (unless you count washing/vaccuming the car, running small errands, going to church and playing exciting!), but whatever the reason, Zakkai didn't last through even one story last night:)

We are getting ready to start planning our big/little guy's SIXTH birthday at the end of next month! Wow. It was a little hard for me to believe that he was turning 5 last year but he grew into five so nicely and it seemed like he would be five forever so I just enjoyed it. But six??? He was always my little buddy, ornery, up to mischief, saying adorable things and driving his race cars all around the house. How in the world can my little guy be growing up? 

It's just so amazing to me how fast they grow. I don't think I'll ever stop being in awe. And a little sad, too.

The other night, I was showing the boys some old pictures and when Samuel saw some of Missy as a tiny baby, he got really upset and couldn't look anymore. Minutes later, he uncovered his face, threw himself into my lap and burst into tears. He was SO sad that she isn't a baby anymore and he misses those sweet days. What a tender heart!!

Eliana got some books today from a friend, who was cleaning out her kid's closets, and has thoroughly enjoyed reading them today! She's been carrying around one under each arm and hoisting them into our laps all day:) I was inspired to weed through our book collection, which is quiet large! Most of our books are in the boys' room on their dresser and Eliana has a couple of baskets in her room. I was able to weed out a small stack but it's hard to get rid of books! We love books around here!

One book we haven't read in awhile is called, "Children Around The World." It's a book featuring real children from all around the whole world (go figure:) and telling you what that child eats, how they dress, what they call their parents, what school is like, etc.

The boys LOVED it!! We used to love reading it and I was a little surprised at how enthusiastic they were tonight! They opted out of reading another story, just so we could read another couple pages of this book.
They started imagining what the book would say if our family was featured in it. I'm not sure that our life compares in any way to a Tembe Indian from Brazil or a girl from China!

One good thing that has happened since we came back from Christmas vacation is that we've settled on a church! This was due to some amazing things that happened over break and we are excited to just settle in somewhere for the remainder of whatever time we may be here. Now, if only Eliana would stop crying hysterically in her class so I could hear a complete service....

Now I am off to finish a movie with my wonderful husband!

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