Saturday, January 26, 2013

3 Cheers!

Tonight is a big night for 2 of my munchkins! We have been talking to Zakkai for awhile about some changes he is going to have to make by the time or when he turns 6. One of the big ones is to stop sucking his finger. We tried that last year and it was successful for a very short period of time before we realized he was doing sneaky things like ripping the tape off his finger in the middle of the night or just choosing a new finger to suck. Kids are smart!

The finger sucking/Ray (his special blankets) obsession has led to some other issues so we decided to quit cold turkey tonight. Ben and I mapped out the plans for the things we are asking him to change and we told him all about it today. We told him that Rays were going to get all cleaned up, folded nicely and tucked safely away with me on "vacation" for awhile. We said it would be hard for him but we would get him a new stuffed animal to hold on to at night while he was working on the no finger sucking thing. Or kicking his addiction, whichever:)

He was sad for like 2 seconds and then totally on board with our plan! We went to the store this afternoon where he picked out an Angry Birds Space bird (picture tomorrow) and tonight he gave Rays a big squeeze, handed them off and got tucked into bed! He really wants to be a big boy and loves when we're so proud of him. I hope this works!!

And as for the other munchkin, that would be Miss E. She still uses a pacifier at night and nap time and none of us were ready to break that adorable relationship. Until she came down with a cold this week and has refused naps and has slept badly due to not being able to suck her pacifier because she's so darn congested! So, I was pretty frustrated today after round 3 of nap failure. We brought our little red-nosed, dark-circled eyed, stuffy little girl downstairs and I told Ben that maybe it was time to go cold turkey with her, too.

It makes sense. She can't use the pacifier anyways right now because she can't breathe! So we decided to do it, even though it's a little sad. Letting go and all that:) I gave her her bath tonight and told her in a nice 2 year old way that pacifiers went "bye-bye" but she would still have all her other special things: elephants, pillow, blankets, etc. She said, "in woom" (room). I told her, "No, pacifiers aren't in your room anymore. They are gone!" 

She didn't even blink an eye, didn't ask for them while going to bed and fell asleep! Now, to be fair, she was SUPER tired, can't breathe anyways and we have no idea what the night ahead looks like, but still! At least it was a good start. 

3 cheers for my big boy and girl!!

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