Monday, January 28, 2013


Some highlights from our day:

* Eliana's nap time strike is officially over!! We went on a nice long walk before lunch (without the stroller so she'd get tired!) and she went right to sleep and took a good, normal nap. She knew I was happy with her and made sure to tell brothers, "Good nap!"

*She is talking so much and in great sentences now. She loves to say, "I did it!" or "I do it." She was very bossy with me today, saying, "Mama, pway! (play) Mama wead (read) book? Mama lookit dis. Mama eat!"  Bossy little thing:)

*Zakkai did great for his second night without his Rays but tonight started to get sad about it. Growing up is hard!! Hopefully he can stay strong and know that we are proud of him.

* It was ridiculously warm today for the end of January (47 and tomorrow 60!) so we were able to walk to/from school all day, which was nice. I guess we should take advantage of these strange breaks from the bitter cold!

*Samuel keeps getting good reports from school about how well-behaved he is, despite a lot of his classmates not being. We are proud of him!

I can't think of anything else that anybody, other than us, could possibly want to know so that's it! Short and sweet tonight. I'm off to sew now:)

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