Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Crafts, Mummies and Braids!

 The boys did not have school again today, thanks to an "Institution Day." (prob teacher workshops, etc.) The cold has finally struck our area so it's not too fun to go outside! We were getting a bit cagey yesterday but thankfully, Samuel's old kindergarten best buddy and his mom and brother came over in the afternoon and saved our sanity.

Today, Daddy was the Sanity Saver and took the boys with him for several hours down to the University. They went to the Oriental Institute, where B did the majority of his classes and also a museum filled with ancient artifacts like mummies and tablets, etc. They also had lunch, went to the library and a couple other small errands.

Missy Girl and I spent a quiet day at home!

  She got her very first braids today! Her hair is getting so long and has to be kept out of her face so I am getting more and more creative in pulling it back. She just looks so darn cute! ;)

I got an Amazon giftcard for Christmas and one of the things I got was this book, that has been waiting on my wishlist for a long time! It's filled with lots of simple patterns that could be easily embellished or enjoyed as is. I have a few projects I am tackling from it and finished 2 today!

One was a simple hanging bag for Samuel to keep on his bed. He is constantly losing his new booklight and books in his bed so I made this to hold his journal, booklights, pencil and current book. It's a nice sturdy little bag and he seemed to be happy with it.

I also made a sewing machine cover with a pocket on the front! I've been wanting to make one for a long time, as everything gets so dusty around here. This was super easy and it's pretty to look at:)

So that's how we filled a downright freezing day here in Chicago. The kiddos are tucked safely in their warm beds, gearing up for a short and sweet week ahead!


Emily and Frank said...

You made 2 projects in one day?? You're making me feel like such a slacker. I haven't worked on my WIPs in weeks!

mommyoflove3 said...

Emily, I have to make up for the weeks and weeks that I don't do anything!! I have SO many projects I have been wanting to do but don't:) Oh, and let's not forget the 5 years I have spent on my quilt.....:)