Thursday, January 10, 2013


 Eliana and I were trapped at home most of the day today with no car so we had a nice girly day:) She's really been enjoying playing with us. She came up to me and said, "Pway Me, Mama?" (Play me, Mama?) How can you resist that?!

We played with some colorful counting bears she got for Christmas, read books, had tea with her new tea set, and best of all, skyped with my sister and niece! I really enjoy easy parenting moments like these:

The sun shining on my little angel:)

Missy kissing her new favorite Baby Anna.

And getting hugs and cuddles.

But parenting isn't always this easy I'm afraid. It can be tempting to want to make things look or sound easy on a blog. To crop out the mess, to avoid sharing the battles or tantrums, to only share the happy moments. But really, if I can be honest here (and I can because it's my own blog!), I can tell you that along with the cutest moments, we also have some pretty terrible ones!

Samuel really struggles with attitude and sometimes seems to us like a pre-teen already (yikes!). He did not have a particularly good afternoon and we are wondering if the tough week at school is catching up with him. He got teased earlier in the week about the rash on his face and we also had just come home from spending time with our families, which always takes awhile to come down from.

Samuel isn't always very good at expressing his emotions or putting words to them. He just feels them very deeply and sometimes doesn't know why. 

Zakkai usually struggles with listening. He cannot hear what we are saying to him. As a matter of fact, we're pretty much like the adults on Charlie Brown to him. "Wa wa wa wa wa wa." He's easily distracted by everything around him and most of the time can find something much more interesting than listening to us!

And Eliana, well, she's TWO. And in the beginning of her training up foundational years. Did I mention that she's two?? That should say enough:)

We are going to really make a point to pray for each of our children, for their struggles, for wisdom in how to handle them and to parent them each individually and mostly, how to train them up to love the Lord. We are always so thankful for the love, prayers and support we get in this area from our families!

These little ones may be adorable a lot of time, funny, entertaining, ornery, downright aggravating sometimes (sorry but it's true!) but we are crazy about them and thankful for every day with them.

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