Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Horse.

Zakkai woke up this morning with a hoarse voice and a bit of a sore throat. Samuel said, "Why is your voice like that?"

Ben answered for him and said teasingly, "He has a horse's voice! Neigh!"

Zakkai said indignantly, "Because! My throat is sore and it made me hoarse and that's why I have a horse's voice!!" 

He slays me.

Unfortunately, as the day has gone on, he's gotten sicker and tonight came down with a fever and tummy pain. He asked to go to bed right after dinner and that's when I noticed his cheeks were flushed. I just got him up for one of his nightly potty breaks and he started crying because his throat hurts so bad:( Looks like I've got another buddy hanging around with me tomorrow....


I had my 3rd quilting class this afternoon and it was so fun, as usual! I finished my whole quilt top, pieced the layers today and did a lot of quilting! Next week we cut out the binding and hopefully I"ll have a picture to share:) I'm really, really enjoying learning a lot about something I love to do and hope someday to get good enough to quilt for others and maybe even sell them.


Ben and I have been working hard on our project for Eliana's birthday these past couple of weeks! It's been a lot of fun to do it together and share our pride in our progress. Can't wait to share pictures this weekend!

Tonight at dinner, Eliana threw her arms out and said, "Birfday! Two!!" and then tried to make a two with her sweet little fingers. She has no idea what a birthday is but we're going to try to make it fun for her!

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Aunt t said...

He was born a leader and has a sense of humor but he doesn't know it yet! He is funny