Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just hanging out

I'm so glad Eliana has two wonderful, big brothers! She finds any way she can to draw them into play or activities with her.

Like this, for instance:

This afternoon she talked Samuel into joining her in her special hiding place:) He, being the doting big brother he is, had no hesitation in catering to her sweet pleas. "Sanyuel, Sanyuel, c'mere! C'mere, Sanyuel!"

I finally finished the boys' costumes just a little while ago. They tried them on this afternoon and they are pretty hilarious. Tomorrow, at school, they have a parade after school where all the kids put on their costumes and walk around the school so the parents can see. Both boys are a little nervous about it and I have this terrible fear that they'll be made fun of or something. Kids can be so judgemental and mean! Samuel is just so happy and sweet and I hate to think of someone bursting his bubble and hurting his feelings.

I really hope they just have a good time tomorrow. Can't wait to show you the big reveal!


Grandma W said...

I love the pic of S and E in her secret hiding place. Can't wait to see the costumes. I'm sure the boys will have fun with them. Love to all. Also like the pics of B and E a few days ago... A love story I pray evey day for.

Aunt t said...

Aaron was so humiliated to wear a gorilla costume in 4th grade and it was just a mask with sweatsuit, I think we padding the rear area, I cannot remember if he wore it or not? The whole dress up day has not been fun for my kids!
I know you costumes are so cute, I just wasn't very crafty!

Charity said...

I was always so embarassed to have to dress up. But of course I think the first time we dressed up was in 4th grade. I hope Samuel can have fun and not be embarassed. Can't wait to see your handywork.