Saturday, October 6, 2012

Firemen and Sickness.

 If you ever have need of a fireman, just come to my house! Yesterday a local fire department was having a pantry food drive and they gave out free fireman hats to people. They gave me a couple "Just in case I had kids at home who might want to play with them." Ha;)

The boys spotted them right away and have been wearing them non-stop since!

Even our poor sick Foosie Girl has tried on the hats several time. After all, whatever brothers do is best!

Cute sick little firegirl.

It's a fun rare moment to see all 3 of them engrossed in an activity together!

We enjoyed some pumpkin cheesecake last night for dessert. Yum. Perfect fall treat! Actually, there are a lot of perfect fall treats.....

And try not to be jealous of my spotted pants, okay?

Today's fireman activities included drawing a fire map!! Cutest firemen I've ever seen:)

Zakkai's favorite word today has been "Stop!" And not just "Stop" but "S.T.O.P." He's really into spelling these days!
It looks like it will be a long night around here. Our Eliana is just so darn miserable. She's got those red, puffy, "sick" eyes and cries out of misery most of the day. She has a really nasty cough that is keeping her up tonight:( Welcome to Germy Season!
Now off to watch the Buckeyes in between rocking my baby girl....

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