Monday, October 29, 2012

It doesn't take much...

 My day started dark and early this morning with a very intense workout at the Y! I have really been wanting to add some more workouts in, other than my 1 day a week Zumba class, and have been having such a hard time finding a good time in our schedule.

Hence, my 5:45am workout. It took a lot of willpower to roll out of bed and put my feet on the icy floor and workout. I went to a Body Pump class, which was totally more intense than I realized. The other women in there were hard-core and had obviously been doing it for awhile! After 45 min, my arms were shaking and I was starting to feel slightly nauseous. It is a 1 hour workout using a weight bar and weights!

Squats, lunges, shoulder raises, biceps, triceps, push-ups, ab work, you name it, we did it. It may take even more willpower to go back next Monday.....I'm already really sore!

I'm checking out Yoga Thursday morning. Hopefully that will be a little lower key!

I have been sewing my fingers to the bone for my sweet guys. Seriously, my fingers are really sore. But my heart is so happy because my boys are so happy! It took them a really long time to come up with a costume idea. We don't buy $40 costumes over here, we create with what we have! Just like the good old days, right?

The boys have practically been breathing down my neck, waiting impatiently for me to finish. But I can't tell you about it yet because according to them, it's a secret:)

Samuel slid this sweet note over to me after dinner tonight. It says, "Dear Mommy, I love you so much. You are the best mommy in the world. Thank you for the ---------
costume. Love, Samuel."

If that's all it takes to show my kiddos I love them, I'd make a million of these!! I'm always amazed at how forgiving and loving kids are. And it doesn't take much to fill their hearts up with love.


Aunt t said...

Samuel is so kind and thoughtful, and how wonderful that he likes to read!
You are a person that doesn't need the exercise to stay thin! Are you trying to build muscles? Girl, you have so much energy! Do you drink protein shakes?
I fell off the curb and hurt my foot during the move and I haven't been able to walk, it's so awful to just sit with my foot up! We do not have insurance so I do not know what is wrong inside but I think the foot was bruised and its healing now!

mommyoflove3 said...

Oh, Aunt Terri, I'm so sorry about your foot! A bruise can take so long to heal. I will pray for you. I k now what it's like to be laid up! No, I'm not exercising to stay thin but to get in shape and take care of myself. It helps me have more energy and de-stress. I don't drink protein shakes. Should I?