Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

 TaDa! The great reveal:

Angry Birds!!! I mean, really, could it have been anything else? The boys vetoed every single costume I suggested but when Samuel asked if they could be angry birds, I did a little research and voila! 5 days and a few sore fingers later....:)

They got lots of compliments and loved every second in them!

Little Pumpkin:)

Samuel in his school parade!

Zakkai's parade

Zakkai's kindergarten class! I got to help with their Halloween party today, which was really fun. He has a sweet class.

It was pulling teeth and nails to get this girl in her ladybug costume! Once we got it one and shed a few tears, she was good to go!

We trick or treated with some good buddies...Harry Potter and Hermoine! (her robe was falling off)

After an arduous night of trick or treating:)

And presenting the most horrendously decorated Halloween house I've ever seen! I couldn't even fit it all in the picture. Please click on it for a bigger view. Ridiculous!

And we live right down the street.....aren't we lucky?


Anonymous said...

We just do not understand all that time it took to decorate for Halloween!?? Crazy! They usually will not do that much for other the Holidays.
Those costumes are so cute!

Grandma W said...

The boys look like they had so much fun at school. I am so glad. Heidi, their costumes are simply amazing. E looks so cute in her ladybug costume. I see B dressed up as himself :)

grandma said...

Is't it amazing how people get so envolved in decorating to make their home look so evil..I guess its fun for them..It'ts my less favorite time of year...Oh well Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming. I know kids love to dress up and all that candy...Aunt T, Aunt J, and Uncle M loved that candy they would eat it all..Your mom did not..I'd eat hers..