Sunday, October 21, 2012

Park Time!

 What a beautiful day today! We took advantage of the gorgeous weather and walked down to one of our favorite parks. And I took advantage of it to take some pictures of my favorite people!

The boys, having fun swinging;) Zakkai is feeling much better today! He went downhill very quickly on Thursday and ended up having a croup attack and having major trouble breathing all night, vomiting through the night and was very sick. I took him to the drs Fri afternoon and he has a nasty virus which can lead to croup and all the other symptoms he has had. He's congested and coughing, still hoarse but feeling better, thankfully!

Eliana had a blast sliding and swinging the whole time at the park!

And before we left, I begged my sweet munchkins for a picture. Samuel groaned but then cooperated nicely!

Love these three!

Eliana loves being right with her brothers!

And they love having her close to them:)

Then we tried for tummy shots.

She wanted so badly to copy them and put her chin in her hands but it wasn't quite working. Ah, she is so cute!

So she decided to kneel instead:) They are growing so quickly!

And then we started our trek home:)

Really, could they be any sweeter?

A beautiful day in every way!


grandma said...

I love those pictures... Wonder where is the park..Is it down the street or la grange pk or where? All looks so familar. So glad Z is better. Praying for you all. Can hardly wait for Thanksgiving to see you all.

Grandma W said...

They are so cute. I love these pics, too. The dollhouse is amazing. She will have it for a long, long time. E is so cute carrying her little purse.

dwilliams said...

*dying from the cuteness* Samuel looks like such a little grown up boy! crazy!