Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Note from Miss E.

Boy, oh, boy, I'm in trouble! I got my family sick and they're going down one by one like a sinking ship, whatever that is. Who's going to take care of me if my beloved daddy gets sick? He's supposed to be at my beck and call whenever I need him! Which is always. Who will play with me if my brother playmates get sick? I heard mommy saying her throat was getting scratchy. Can I help it if I don't know how to cover my mouth when I sneeze or cough? I only sneezed on mommy's face a few times....

Who's going to feed me grapes and carry me around and clean up after me? I need my family to spoil....er, love me. Who's going to wipe my nose and comfort me? I'm not all better yet. Okay, a lot better but still. It takes awhile to recover from these things.

I'd better figure out a plan here or I'm in trouble. Big trouble. It's hard being a toddler!

1 comment:

Aunt t said...

Just like a little princess thinks! I hope you can fight the germs this year. Take zinc and C