Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Give a little, Spend a little.

Happy Tuesday! It was a strange day for me today. I didn't get much accomplished because I spend most of my day holding or tending to my sick little 2 year old:( She took five naps today~2 on my chest and 3 in her bed. Poor thing is so very sad and pathetic. I don't really know what's wrong. I keep expecting her to show symptoms like Zakkai had last week but so far she just isn't eating well, has a doozy of a fever and is uncomfortable.

Caring for a sick little one is heartbreaking, esp when they can't tell you what's wrong! We'd appreciate any prayers you could say for her tonight!

The boys get a few dollars here and there from special occasions and we usually put some in their piggy banks and let them spend a little. I've been wanting to teach them how to manage money, how to do good with it and not always want to spend it (on JUNK!) but haven't always known how. Kids tend to want to buy everything they see because it's always something they've "always wanted!" ha.

When we stayed with my sister in Colorado, I saw that she had 3 jars for my nieces labeled "Give," "Save," and "Spend." I loved the idea and have been wanting to do it with the boys. I finally made them this weekend and we also started giving the boys a small allowance each week! I'm a little jealous; I never had an allowance:)

They get $1 per week if they do their chores and help around the house. They have chores like helping to empty the dishwasher, clearing off/wiping the table, cleaning up toys, their room, etc. I love the idea of teaching them responsibility and helping and working hard for money, too. They tend to think it grows on trees!! I wish.

Both boys got a few dollars each from their loving Grandma and Great Grandma this past weekend and we divided them up in the jars. I helped them put the same amount in each jar and then choose where they wanted their last dollar to go. Zakkai chose the "Spend" jar and Samuel, who had a few extra coins he had found on the ground, surprisingly chose the "Give" jar! I really hope we can teach them to give to others and to be careful about what they spend their money on.

A little while later, after we did the jars, Zakkai came up to me and said, "Mommy, if I get $100 dollars, I'm going to put it in my "Save" jar and give it to you because you don't always have enough money for things."

Ah, such sweetness! I really hope this turns out to be a good lesson, that teaches them compassion, carefulness and wisdom. I hope I can always be willing to learn those things, too.....

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Grandma W said...

What a great principal to teach S and Z. A good lesson for us all. I hope E is feeling better. Bless her heart, she just got well from the last germ! Love to all.