Thursday, October 4, 2012


I have to was a pretty darn good day today! And I am sorry to say that that must be rare because it's very noticeable!

First of all, Eliana's fever finally broke this morning!!! She is now a bit congested with a little cough~all part of the virus, I assume, but she ate a little better as the day went on and was smiling and talking! So thankful.

And I went to my first quilting class this afternoon! I have been looking forward to this SO much. Not only was I able to do something just for me (which was totally amazing and unprecedented!), I was able to get a little break from one of the toughest parts of my day and I felt totally rejuvenated when I got home!!

Afternoons can be stressful with getting the boys home from school, sorting out papers and homework, neighborhood kids coming by, Eliana getting fussy and hungry, making dinner, etc. I have heard many a mom lament the late afternoon/dinner hour! I am incredibly thankful that Ben has allowed me this much needed time. I came home to my crockpot dinner all ready and Ben said, "Wow, you're in a good mood!"  Apparently, that's rare?

The quilting class was really fun. There's only one other lady in it, an older grandma lady, who was very nice, so the instructor had good time to spend with each of us supervising, giving tips, etc. I learned some new techniques, better ways to do things and even a little about my sewing machine. I can't wait to show you my project at the end of the month!

Now, I need to plot some ways to keep this free afternoon thing going.....


Emily and Frank said...

I'm glad your first class was good. Did you cut out your fabric on the floor? :)

Aunt t said...

I remember those hectic times around dinnertime! I am glad you are finding time for yourself! Happy wife Happy Life! Ben is wise! Did I get that saying right? Praying!

mommyoflove3 said...

Haha, Emily, I was actually really nervous about the cutting fabric part! I cut it on the table and didn't cut anything;) Is your class next week?

Aunt T, you got the saying right!! :)