Monday, October 22, 2012

Steeeerike Two!

We went from a gorgeous perfect fall day to a nasty, rainy one! Midwest weather can change in the blink of an eye. Oy.

My Z-man was back at school today. His teacher said he did great! Ben tried to instruct him to stay a foot away from everyone instead of getting right in their faces (5 year olds aren't known for their respect of personal space~esp this one!) but on our walk to school, we met up with some good friends and 5 seconds later he and his buddy were hugging:)

Yesterday, the kiddos and I went to buy some supplies for their Halloween costumes (which the boys are super excited about) and Eliana decided she needed some Daddy snuggles first. You can see the pure bliss on his face:) She seriously just laid like this on him for at least 10 minutes without moving.

 I am so thankful that she will never have to wonder if her Daddy loves her. And I pray that his love will show her how wonderful our Father's love is. Precious.

Unfortunately, the mutant virus that Zakkai had may possibly have spread to E because she very quickly went downhill this afternoon. She was completely fine when she woke up from her nap. We went to get the boys and she was really quiet in her stroller but as soon as we came inside, she started crying. Really sad tears. She cried for 10-15 minutes and I couldn't figure out what was wrong! Then, to make things even stranger, she fell asleep on my chest for a little bit.

That's when I became very suspicious. My suspicions were founded when her cheeks turned bright red, she felt really warm, she didn't want me to put her down and she pushed away her dinner. She's been tucked into bed since before 6pm. I'm really hoping she doesn't get as sick as Z did! Poor thing just got over her sickness from a few weeks ago.

Darn germs. I'm thinking of inventing a bubble to put my kids in from October thru April. I might even make one for myself. My great contribution to the world:)

Signing off from Germyville....

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