Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Potty Chronicles

Day 2 of potty training survived!!! I was feeling discouraged yesterday, although E ended the day with 2 in a row.

Today, however, E rocked!! She barely went this morning so I must not have given her too much to drink. I was a little worried that she would pee on me as I carried her to/fro VBS but thankfully that did not happen!! But the turning point came when she started to wet her panties, stopped and continued in the potty!!

She may develop a slight M&M addiction now but this girl is doing AWESOME!! It did get a little crazy towards the end of the night when she went 5 times within less than a half an hour. I'm assuming having her brothers doing the potty dance with her and giving her M&Ms might have had something to do with it...:) Hey, whatever works!

Here's a little video of her potty dance!

Here are a few pics from this weekend that I stole from my Gma! I hope to have more as soon as people email me their pics! I know you may be tired of them but I'm not!! ;)

My handsome boys and cute little miss!!

I just loved this picture!! My Gma had us all line up on the bench and I think it turned out so cute!!

If you have a moment, please say a prayer for my mama tomorrow, who is having a knee replacement. She is understandably nervous but the hardest part is that my stepdad has also severely injured his knee and is on crutches so they are a mess! They would be so thankful for your prayers, as would I!

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