Friday, June 7, 2013

Social Family!

 We've been busy socializing!! We got to hang with some really cool friends and their mini cutie pie last night, I had a friend and her little girl over this morning and we got a last minute invite tonight for dinner to the home of an older couple from church. Ben goes to men's prayer breakfast on Thursday mornings and met the husband there.

Whew! We're feeling very loved these days;)

They may not thank me for posting this picture, but here's our kiddos with our dear friends who moved away last weekend. I'm sure they'll forgive me for the creepy-eyed, lame cell phone pic, right? ;)

When E wakes up early, she likes to come snuggle "wif Daddy," which lasts all of five minutes before she's ready to go see "brudders." What a cutie pie!

We went on a walk the other day to kill time before lunch and Eliana walked about as slow as a turtle, which is unusual. Usually she is running as fast as her cute little legs can take her! I asked her if she was a turtle and she said, "No! I am a zebwa!" (zebra) Then Samuel circled back around on his bike and said, "Missy, are you being a turtle?"

She said, "I am a zebwa turtle!!" Then she started holding Baby Anna by the pacifier (which is attached by a ribbon) and said, "Baby not being nice to me." ha! She was pretty tickled when I asked if Baby wanted to take a ride in her hood!

And here's Mr Z showing off his new reading skills:) He is really getting into reading, although we need to work on him sounding out words and not just skipping over them!

Off to rest my social muscle:) Happy Weekend!

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dwilliams said...

bahahaha that picture is so funny I forgot how creepy Josh looks and how awkward my hand is! Love you guys!