Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Laundry overload!

 What a long day! It was busy and I am thankful for that because it helps the days not seem quite so long. Plus, I haven't had much motivation to do things I need to do in the past couple of months but I am starting to feel energy again.

I haven't been able to do laundry in a couple of weeks because I ran out of money and had to wait for the new month to start. So today I ran up and down two flights of stairs carrying NINE loads of laundry to the basement. It took over five hours to finish! Thankfully, the boys put away their own clothes, which accounts for a good half of the laundry (they are so stinky!!) but I was pretty tired afterwards.
Let me just say that I will not take having my own washer and dryer for granted, should I have my own someday!!

Here is Mr. Z riding his bike yesterday. He begged to be allowed to take his bike to the park yesterday and since there are many paths around the park and our poor boys ride their bikes up and down one sidewalk all day long, we agreed!

He went around and around and around....Unfortunately, today the chain came off his bike and got all messed up. We aren't sure how to fix it or if it can be fixed. We may have to return the bike, which stinks. I wish we could've gotten him a better bike!

While Zakkai was riding around and around and E and I were playing on the playground, Samuel and Daddy were playing soccer. Ben loves to play sports with the boys!

We took a break from playground playing and came over to join the soccer game!

It was hard for Z to learn not to use his hands with the soccer ball!!

Around the park, there are randomly placed exercise stations. Here's the boys checking out this leg one. They were a little too short to get the full effect but still thought it was fun:)

And E was way too short but of course, she had to get in on the action!

One neat thing the park has that we haven't seen before are cornhole games made out of cement! Very clever! My mom and stepdad made cornhole games that are way more beautiful and I'd love to have one but I thought this was a great idea if you were to have a party in the park.

E thought they were much cooler to climb:)

We'll definitely be going back to the park more this summer!

Tonight I attempted to make my own saltine crackers to go with our meal. They turned out pretty good! I'll definitely roll them thinner next time to make them a little more crispy but everyone liked them and it was a nice alternative from bread. Which I like a little too much:)

Now I'm off to say hello to my hubby who just got home from work! Ciao!


Charity said...

As I do about 9 loads of laundry today too, I will be VERY thankful that I have my own washer and dryer. :)

Aunt t said...

That's cool that the park has outdoor exercise equipment.
That is a nice park, is it in walking distance?

grandma said...

Where is that park..That is something else..exercise and corn hole..Wow..I don't even think Arlington has that..You will get a washer and dryer soon..I just know..Can remember when mine broke back when I had no money and had to lug lots of laundry to laundry mat..Not fun..It is just a memory now..