Monday, June 10, 2013

Cleanliness is next to...

What a day! This week is going to be so crazy, I can tell! This morning the kiddos and I had a playdate with some of their friends and then we came home for lunch, a nap (for E) and some serious cleaning!

Nothing like having family come to light a fire under your rear! A long time ago I mentioned one of my favorite books here, that truly changed the way I organize my home and even think about my home. I 100% recommend it! Anyways, I pulled out my book and started reading snippits of it again and started her 10 day plan to simplify and organize your home. Except I sort of need to cram 10 days into 5 days:)

I've already been working on closets upstairs because closets are a great place to shove things you don't need at the moment or have grown out of, etc. I have quite a pile of stuff to give away or sell! But today I focused on my living room. In the book, she tells you to take everything out of the room except the furniture, rugs and lamps and then clean it top to bottom. So I did! Wow, dust accumulates in spots you didn't even think about. Then you put things back in the room, only if they are needed or wanted and you keep the rest out. So my living room is clean and spic and span tonight! Samuel came inside and said, "Whoa! It's so clean in here!" I wasn't sure if that was a compliment or not;) haha.

The summer reading program at the library really spurred the boys into reading a ton! Zakkai is reading more than he ever has before. We have some rules about morning time at our house, to ensure that our day doesn't start too early or too loudly. On school mornings, our boys were not allowed to get up (excepting bathroom runs) before 6:30am and then were allowed to read quietly from 6:30-7am. On the weekends, we push it back to 7am before they are allowed to start reading.

This prevents car-driving, lego-building, game-playing, wrestling and who knows what else in the early hours of the morning! Since we signed up for the reading program, it has been SO quiet in the mornings. I discovered that it was just the incentive the boys needed to stay in bed quietly! They both read at least 2 hours before we all moseyed downstairs this morning!

They definitely take after B and I:) The boys are excited to turn in their reading logs for prizes this week and pick up new sheets. Who said free wasn't fun?!

And tomorrow, we may be heading to the museum for a free day! Ben has never been to the Shedd Aquarium and we are hoping to change that, if we can get moving in time. It can get really crazy at the museums on the discount days so earlier is better. I'll be sure to bring the camera and share pics!

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grandma said...

STOP cleaning right now..It;s only us..we who are coming do not care..We are coming to see you not your clean home..WE are so excited to come see you all..Is this a fun time or what..Pray for us all we are like a group from some sort of rehab hospital..But Grandpa got a handi cap thingy..So we are in business.