Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Beauty

Another weekend here and gone! But we don't feel too bad about that because it means we're one day closer to next weekend when B graduates! We're really excited to see our family, who are coming to celebrate with us. It also means I have a super busy week ahead of me that will include lots of cleaning:)

I love getting Eliana dressed in pretty dresses for church! She loves it, too:)

This morning, I whipped out the finger nail polish, last minute, to paint my toes and she happened to be close by and begged me to paint hers. 30.3 seconds later....she begged me to take it off! I was blowing on her toes to dry them as quickly as I could before she did something totally two year old like wipe it everywhere or something.

She was totally fine after that and loved showing off her "pwetty toes" to everyone the rest of the day!

I found a couple pictures another parent sent out of the last day of school. This is Z's class during their school celebration!

And here is his class after they gifted their teacher with a cute platter one of the moms put together! Zakkai had the sweetest teacher. All of the girls in his class were really sweet and cute and most of the boys were wild and crazy. I'm hoping there are a few less crazy boys in his class next year!

Not that I want to think about school yet. The boys have already moved up into their next grades at church and they think it's pretty fun to be considered third and first graders. I am still in denial.

I will remain in denial most of their childhood years. Healthy, right?

Happy Sunday!

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