Friday, June 28, 2013

Back Together

We are home again! I had a plan to leave by 10am (OH time) yesterday so I specifically would not hit traffic in Chicago. Amazingly, the kiddos and I were able to pack up and check in on my mom and leave only 20 minutes behind schedule. Not bad!

I knew we were being "prayed" home by several people and I saw very clear evidence that we were protected! One, I almost ran out of gas on the highway and thankfully and exit came just in time. Two, a semi started to swerve into my lane right in front of me but caught himself in time and swerved back. He waved an apology. Three, a huge black SUV almost crashed right into the back of me TWICE but thankfully, caught themselves in time. And I was SO very tired from a busy week and not the greatest sleep but a McDonald's frappe (first one ever and it was delicious!) and Eliana crying before giving up for a nap helped wake me up.

Anyways, we were so very thankful to arrive home safely and unscathed. I was so exhausted that I crashed on the couch around 6:45pm while B read to the boys. A couple good night's sleep and I ought to be back to normal!

I absolutely know I made the right decision to go back and help my mom and stepdad. They needed help so badly and it made me so happy to be there, even if it was tiring. My mom dropped everything to care for my family and I last year and I know she would do the same for every one of her children. I am so thankful I could do the same for her! And I got to spend extra time with my grandparents and get filled up by their love, which was special:) It was very hard to leave yesterday.

The boys helped out, too, with Winston, my mom's dog and some other small chores. They got to earn a few dollars, which made them so happy:) It helped Samuel to be distracted and have something to do, as he suffered so with being away from his Daddy. And on Wednesday B's mom came to pick them up and whisk them away for a day of fun. Boy, were they happy when they came back with all sorts of special gifts and stories! Grandma sure knows how to make their day:)

Today I started a new babysitting job! I will now be watching an adorable 2 1/2 month old baby boy a few days a week. He did great today and was duly admired by my three munchkins. Samuel could not get enough of him! He kept stopping by to talk to him and get smiles and kept telling me over and over, "He's so cute, mommy!" Eliana only had a brief period of jealously, when I put Baby C into my moby wrap. She said, "No, mommy, take him out of the mody wap!" And she cried and got so upset with me. But after he fell asleep and I got down on the ground to play with her and offer her lots of cuddles and hugs, she was totally fine. She enjoyed using his bouncy seat and car seat for Baby Anna today:)

Ben took the boys with him for a few hours while he returned a ton of library books and got a few hours of work in. They didn't want to leave their daddy again!

It's nice to be back together:)

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