Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pictures Brought To You by Technology.

 Once again I've been very bad with the camera but I do have a few cell phone shots from the past week:) What would we do without cell phones....

This is a cloud that Samuel spotted on our way to OH last Saturday. It looked just like a dragon with an open mouth and a long tail! Click on it to make it bigger and see if you agree...

My Aunt Judy was so sweet and brought over some bubbles and sidewalk chalk to entertain my crew! That gave them something fun to do during the brief times we were hanging out at my Gma and Gpa's house. Bubbles are a timeless entertainer!!

A "small" pile of books B returned to the library on Friday:) Only 100 or so.....The boys had a lot of fun helping him load these up! And our basement bookshelves are looking a little barren....

Eliana took full advantage of having Baby C's baby gear around on Friday! For Baby Anna, of course:) Baby Anna got the royal treatment with a nice bouncy seat and a very cool carseat. She's a lucky doll!

And yesterday, the boys decided to build a fort. They went up and down the stairs carrying loads of pillows, blankets and stuffed animals (why, I am not sure!) and Eliana got into the excitement. While they were excitedly discussing their fort as they haphazardly threw it together, she was going on and on about the "tea party" they were having! Ha! The difference between boys and girls:)

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