Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Days

So far, it's been really enjoyable to have the boys home all day! They are just loving all the extra time to play outside and I get lots of extra hugs throughout the day:) You can definitely tell it's summer time since the boys are getting tan and their legs and arms are literally covered in scrapes and bruises. (Anyone know of a bandaid brand that actually sticks? I'm thinking to cut corners, they changed the adhesive or something and none of our bandaids stick longer than five minutes!)

This morning, we headed over to the library to sign up for the summer reading program! The librarians came to the schools a couple weeks ago to talk to the kids about it so the boys have been excited and asking to sign up. We loaded up on books (I may have to set a limit per child because boy, do we get tons!!). In the Chicago city libraries, they have a 30 book limit, which I always pushed to the max. Here, there is no limit and we take full advantage!

We stopped by the park that is next door to the library on the way home so we could work out a little energy in the fleeting sunshine before the rain hit. Eliana just loves playgrounds and throwing herself down the biggest slides she can. It's funny to see such a little person going down big slides:) The boys rode their scooters to and from and Eliana ran home, which helped her nap later!

It was a quiet afternoon and I was able to read for a little bit and rest while the boys played outside. The kiddos really miss having Daddy around on these long work days. He had to do two days in a row again this week, so they haven't seen him since Monday night:( Tomorrow, we are going to have a fun day together!

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