Thursday, June 20, 2013

In a Nutshell..

Seems like it has been a long week! I already dozed off after tucking the kiddos in bed and had to force myself to wake up so I can go to bed properly in a few minutes!

*Eliana is still doing pretty awesome with potty-training! She has stayed dry to/from VBS all week and this afternoon we made our first foray out into "public" to meet some friends at the park. I brought her little potty in the car and she was able to use it and stay dry over the 2 hour period! One funny thing that happened was Ben helped her put on some new panties after a minor mishap earlier this morning and he said, "Boy, her panties are so tight! Poor thing." About 5 or so minutes later, I was walking by and glanced over at her while she was playing and noticed she did look pretty stuffed into her panties. Something wasn't quite right.....I went over to investigate and burst out laughing when I realized Ben had put them on sideways! I'm not sure how he accomplished that but it was pretty funny.

*The boys only have one more day of VBS. They are so excited because tomorrow the parents get to come 15 minutes early to hear the kids sing songs they have been learning all week. I think they are going to sing at church on Sunday, too. I am so glad they have gotten to take part in this! The theme this week is basically following God through the ups and downs and staying strong. A good lesson for all ages!

*Some good news I forgot to share is that Ben is now under contract for a book! His dissertation is being published and he is hard at work revising his monstrosity of a dissertation for book form. If he meets all deadlines by Sept 1st, then his book should be out by November, which is just in time for the big biblical conference held each year where a lot of interviews are conducted! He jokes that his book will be multi-purposeful. Good for killing flies, curing insomnia or learning everything you didn't want to know about the Books of Kings:)

*I finally got back into crafting today after a long break. I have been very unmotivated in the past months to work on projects for a few reasons so it felt good to be back at my sewing machine. I'm working on a (hopefully) cute outfit for Eliana. And I hope this will get me going to work on some gifts for some upcoming babies!

*I talked to my mom today and she sounded pretty good, although a bit "puny" sounding. She says she is doing well and is ahead of the game. By early this afternoon, she had already had 2 PT sessions and had walked a bit with her walker. Her blood pressure was pretty low last night but it was back to normal today, thankfully. She should get to go home tomorrow.

*I made a different dinner tonight and it was really good! I needed something quick to go with our fresh farmer's market broccoli. I went off of a recipe that I found on pinterest. You prepare linguine noodles and while they are cooking, you sauté some minced garlic in a little olive oil for about a minute. Take the pan off the heat and let it sit for a few minutes. Then add some breadcrumbs to the pan and put it back on the heat. I used maybe 1/3 cup of breadcrumbs? I added a little bit more oil and mixed it up well and browned it over the heat for a couple of minutes. Added a little bit of parsley and then when the noodles were done and drained, added the breadcrumb mixture and tossed it all around with about 1 TB of butter. We added some parmesan cheese on top and it was SO good! Eliana gobbled it up and she can be a little finicky about dinner. I will definitely make it again.

It's been much easier to cut down on meat than I thought it would be. And it's been very helpful to our grocery bill!

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