Monday, March 4, 2013

Where Is Baby Anna?

 First, I'd like to say thanks for all your kind comments about Z's bday party! While I do find party planning a wee bit stressful, I also really enjoy planning something that will be fun and that will make my kiddo feel really special and loved.

I definitely know now that this cannot be a tri-annual event. Seriously, I'd be planning  a party like that every 4 months! We really are thinking every other year for each child, with special family activities on the off years and/or a special time with one friend. We'll see! For now, I am just breathing a sigh of relief that Zakkai is happy, that we kept our promise to him and that he's off to a great start for being 6!


Baby Anna is like our 4th child here. She goes where E goes and where E goes, she goes. She gets strapped into the boys' booster seats in the car sometimes when they are in school per Eliana's request and we also find her in many different places in the house. Here are just a few places we've found her in the past few days....

Taking a nap on the chair. Eliana loves to cover her very carefully with this special blanket! Sometimes, Baby Anna will be snuggled beneath pillows but mostly with this pink blanket.

Sitting on the stairs. I'm not sure whether she was coming or going but this is clearly a good place to rest!

In time-out. Yes, even dolls get time-out, too! Eliana's had maybe a handful of time-outs and last week was one of them when she colored all over the couch with a pen (after being told to bring the pen to me!) Next thing we knew, Baby Anna was in deep doo-doo, too...

But Eliana couldn't leave her there along for long so she came to keep her company:)

And the most recent and now forbidden place where I've found Baby Anna is in the bathroom! Thankfully, it was freshly cleaned on this day so I wasn't too concerned about germs but still, you can never be too careful!

It's like Where's Waldo around here except with a pink baby who loves her pacifier:) Maybe we'll have a new edition of "Where's Baby Anna" coming your way soon:)

For now, this is Baby Anna's mother's mother signing off......Goodnight!


Anonymous said...

I guess time-out wasn't too sad for Elina, she has a little smile on her face. : ) Is that the Dollie Granma & pa G bought her for Christmas? That is a cute doll!

You are an amazing A+ party planner! I couldn't do parties with friends every year only a few in their growing up years!
Now, it's a big deal, in Texas, parents go nuts for their children really big.....too big!,,

mommyoflove3 said...

I'm guess this is you, Aunt T! I've missed your comments! I think parents go really crazy. This was supposed to be a simply home party:) I've heard of parents hiring jugglers, having petting zoos at home, giving away really expensive goodie bags, etc. It's just crazy!

Aunt t said...

It's me! I hit the buttons too fast! Your party looked so fun for little Z. and his friends! Such great memories for him!
I am terrible at planning parties, it is not my thing.