Tuesday, March 12, 2013


 I really have nothing new to share other than it being a very busy day! So I thought I'd haul out a couple of sweet memories.

See this cute pudgy thing? This was Eliana the last time we went to Florida! A little baby butterball. No, I am not crying! There's some dust in my eye....

And a year ago, at the end of this month, our sweet girl got her glasses! Wow, has she changed. At night, we pray with her before she goes to sleep and we have gotten in a habit with her of thanking Jesus for everything we can think of. (Lesson to be learned??) She often thanks Jesus for her glasses and my glasses, which always sounds so sweet to me. So thankful she can see and that her eye issues were so pronounced that we were able to get help right away so she didn't lose vision in her eye!

Today during "nap time" (i.e. no nap), among her singing and yelling, there was a lull and I heard Eliana softly saying, "Dank you for Daddy, Dank you for Mommy. Dank you for bed. Dank you for elephants....." It went on for several minutes.

As I was searching for this picture and the date that I posted it, I came across one of my favorite posts that I really needed to be reminded of today. Revelation.

I hope that I can learn to pray with a pure heart full of thanksgiving for what God has done, what He is doing and what He will do!


Aunt t said...

That is so precious! , E's prayer for all of her blessings! so sweet!
Does she like elephants? Naomi thinks she remembers her carrying an elephant around in her arms?

mommyoflove3 said...

She does like elephants. She has 2 small pink ones that she sleep with:) Thanks for praying, Aunt T.