Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rev Your Engines!!

 And prepare yourselves for an overload of pictures!! Welcome to Race Car Party.

We got a ton of our decorations at the dollar store! Very cheap:) And we made the rest, like Zakkai's name on the door.

Can't have a racecar party without checkered flags!

All set up and ready for one of our activities: painting with racecars! I put paint down on paper plates and they rolled the cars through the paint and made some really cool pictures!

Activity numero dos was painting these wooden race cars. I thought I was pretty clever for putting the paint in cupcake liners:)

And here's the racing car fueling station! The table cloth is supposed to be a road.

Here's Z's Race Car cake made out of cupcakes! It was fun to make. Lots of little steps but not too hard to put together.

Zakkai chose to eat the cupcake with the driver in it:)

Decorations in the basement!

And this was the remote control obstacle course that Ben and the boys set up. He had to use all these objects to line it so the cars wouldn't get out of control. The blocks on the top made it look a little better!

Ready for racing!

The spoiler on the back of the car kept falling off but thankfully, little boys could care less!!

Here's my happy birthday boy! The boys were such a big help all day, decorating and helping cleaning and setting up. We worked from 8am til the party started at 2:30!

The Goody Bags! I felt a little stressed over this, as it can add up quickly. I didn't want to give them lots of little junk that will end up trashed in a few days. We ended up putting in a new Hot Wheels car, a pencil and their own painted wooden race cars. They seemed happy! Oh, and one little girl came, that Zakkai just loves (and she is pretty sure she'll marry him 5/7 days a week:) and I put a little pad of paper, a couple cute pens and her painted car in hers.

The water bottles! I saw this cute idea to jazz up the water bottles online. I just printed off the paper for free and we cut strips and glued them on. Pretty cute!

The kids came within 5 minutes of each other; all 8 of them + one little brother. They jumped right into the art activities because they wanted to finish so they could go do some racing! They did seem to like the painting with cars. They made some really cool pics!

Here's a few of them painting the cars. Some of them just globbed paint on and Ben had to dry them with a hairdryer before the parents came!

They exited the upstairs en masse and raced down to the basement for the obstacle course. No pun intended:) This was definitely the hit of the party! And it cost $0!

Eliana checked out the action with Daddy.

Some of the boys kept coming back down here to race and didn't want to leave when their parents came!

Happy Boy!

After things were settling down in the painting area, Eliana came over to paint.

One of Samuel's best buds! We let Samuel invite a friend and it worked out great because his little sister is in Z's class and Zakkai really wanted her to come.

Big bro!


She loved painting so much that she threw a big fit when it was time to go eat cake!

Busy boys with noisemakers, party hats and balloons. I tell you, it doesn't cost much to entertain kids!

I found these really cool candles that have different colored flames when you light them. Z loved it!

We only have 4 broken chairs so we decided to spread out the tarp again and let them all eat on that. Easy cleanup!

Since it was an afternoon party (2:30-4pm), we kept it easy and served cupcakes, clementines, pretzels, water and apple juice. They were happy!

E asked for a cupcake from about 10am on...

Opening presents! He got a lot of really neat things, including 2 remote control cars, a race car shirt and some legos!

This was all the boys crowding around when Z opened up a really cool remote control truck that lights up. Definitely a hit:)

Here are our kiddos painted cars and pictures.

Everyone was gone by 4:15, with goodie bags in hand and smiles on their faces! Zakkai could barely tear himself away from his presents to say thank you for coming. Ha. Ben and I high-fived each other and promptly fell over in exhaustion!

Happy Birthday to Zakkai! I think it was a rooooarrring success:)


grandma said...

oh my goodness Heidi and Ben you two go all out for a party..Wow..It just about wore me out reading about it..I think I damaged my kids..I think we might have had one birthday party a piece when they were growning up..You can't keep this up.. oh maybe you can..What a fun party..I thought the last one was so good and here you go again..S.Z.E are three lucky blessed kidos to have such parents. Love

Grandma W said...

Wow. You should start a party business. Having the painting activities seems so brave!...but it looked like the paint was mostly where it should have been. Looks like Z had a great time. You are two incredible parents! Love you so much.

muggalove said...

I am in awe of you, girl! Wow! You keep outdoing yourself. It's apparent from Zakkai's face that he loved his birthday party! I love you, Mom

Emily and Frank said...

That cake is AMAZING!! So impressive! Can you guys come down in September to throw A's bday party?! :)