Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Easter Bunny Arrives!

We love getting packages in the mail! Really, who doesn't? Today we got a total of 4 packages. Wow, what a day:) One was an origami kit that Samuel paid for with his own money and is so excited to bring for the long (very long) car trip to FL! The smallest pkg was the Dramamine that the above mentioned child has to have for every car trip to avoid getting very sick and possibly throwing up all over the car.

We learned that the hard way.

But the very best package of the day was timed just right! It arrived after the kiddos were home from school and homework was done. You should've heard the gasps and yells of delight when they realized that Grandma had sent them an Easter box!!

Now I thought about forcing them to wait and driving them up the wall but I was under strict orders from Grandma to put these kiddos out of their misery! I wouldn't have made them wait too long:) See that big box behind them?!

Grandma found some cute Bunny ears for each of them. They thought those were pretty cute and wore them around the house til bedtime. I looked at this picture and decided to torture them some more since Zakkai looks angry and Samuel looks a bit cheesy. Such a nice mama!

Two out of three ain't bad! The table was a wreck of tissue paper and wrappers and special surprises. The boys said to tell Grandma "THANK YOU!!" They are especially excited about using their new beach towels in FL next week!

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Grandma W said...

It is always fun to get things together and send off a package. I just wish I could be there to watch when it is opened. I am looking forward to pics of the beach towels being used in Fla. Love you all so much.