Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Little Model.

 Well, the snow finally stopped sometime late into the night. To the boys' disappointment, there was school today:) Apparently, we got the most snow of all the western suburbs ~ 11inches! Too bad it's going to melt soon with the rising temperatures. It sure was lovely to watch as it fell!

I made Eliana a new dress out of Ben's old dress shirt! He had several dress shirts that got retired recently because of stains and whatnot. I saved a few of them, thinking that I could salvage some material from them and I came across a cute tutorial for a shirt dress!

She's wearing jammies underneath so the white shirt isn't part of it. I made the first one with an extra stained shirt and the pattern wasn't quite right so I adjusted it and made it with this blue one. Cute, lightweight and best of!

The model is pretty stinkin' cute too, if I don't say so myself:)


Aunt t said...

Adorable! Model !You are cleaver Miss Heidi!

grandma said...

You are very cleaver to use a old shirt..Wow and to think how many things I've just thrown away..When I see all the snow and cold up in the north..I'm thinking when I am out on my sunny porch reading..I'm so blessed to be in sunny florida praise the Lord! It won't be long now and you can sit on my porch with me..Oh how fun that will be!

Emily and Frank said...

Super cute! Will you send me the tutorial?