Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Concert and PB&J!

 Tonight Samuel had his spring concert! He was very excited to have our whole family come watch him, as last year I was couch bound recovering from my surgery. Ben took Eliana home after Samuel's grade sang but she just loved it! She was clapping with everyone and saying, "There's Samuel! Samuel's singin'!"

I tried every blasted setting on my camera to get a good picture of Samuel, to no avail:( This was the best I could do. He's in the blue/white striped shirt standing next to the kid in black. They were supposed to wear "spring colors." haha.

And battery died before he started singing! Boo hiss. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time that's happened to me. It also happened during Samuel's kindergarten graduation. so sad. Anyways, the 2nd graders sang 3 songs from "The Little Mermaid." They had movie themes: "Cinderella" for 1st graders and "The Jungle Book" for the 3rd graders.

Samuel was so proud and he did such a good job!

Yesterday, Eliana was sitting across from me eating one of her new favorite foods: PB&J. She loves to be liberated from her highchair to sit in a big chair like a big girl. And...she looked so stinkin' cute as usual that I had to break out the camera:)

Really, can you resist this cute face?

Today I was cleaning out the refrigerator, trying to locate the source of the unpleasant smell, and she spotted the peanut butter and jelly on the table. She immediately said, "Missy have peanut butter and jewy, Mama?"

Gosh, I love this little person!

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grandma said...

I love p and j sandwiches too.. Heidi bring some good receipts to florida..Mason and Dani have been cooking some really great meals for us..Of course we have great fruit salads and lots of orange fun to have my family down here.