Saturday, March 16, 2013

10 years!

 Today, okay I guess yesterday (as of 11 minutes ago), my wonderful husband and I celebrated TEN years together as a married couple! Wow. Where in the world did 10 years go??

As Ben said, some went really fast and some were a little slow. Some were filled with challenge, some with lots of joy. Some with seasons of big change and trusting, some with laughter and ease. All blessed by God. All amazing!

Tonight we were blessed by a few couples from our former housegroup with a wonderful gift! A date! They sent us for dinner and a theater show nearby and it was SO amazing!

We saw "Sunset Blvd" which is definitely a tragedy but it was so well done. The singing, the acting, the sets, everything! We've never gotten to do anything like this before and we have no idea how to thank our wonderful friends for such a thoughtful, wonderful, unexpected gift!

So very thankful for friends, for life, for a faithful God and for this wonderful man I get to spend my life with!

Happy 10th Anniversary, Ben!


grandma said...

Congrats Heidi and Ben..What a blessing you two are to our family..We pray you had a delightful time..

Aunt t said...

Happy for you to go out on a date for your anniversary! Your friends are so nice! You are a handsome couple!

Charity said...

Wow, 10 Years? It just doesn't seem like it was that long ago that you had your wedding. What a joyous time that was.