Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snow, snow and MORE snow!

 What a fun bit of snow we've been getting! I'm hoping this is winter's last hurrah before spring and if it is, I'm glad it's a good one! It started snowing around 6:30 this morning and 13 1/2 hours later...it is still snowing! We probably have 8-10 inches out there so far.

The boys finished their homework as fast as they good, donned all their wintergear and headed outside to play before dinner. Samuel said, "Whoever created snowpants was really smart!" :)

Right before I took this picture, the boys were army crawling through the snow:)

Our maintenance guy was snowblowing the parking lot when Samuel (you can barely see him by the tall bush on the rt) and Mikey ran in the flying snow's path. They thought it was too fun to be blasted with snow.

There was a lot of running and diving...


And, before we could stop him, a little snow-licking, too. Eliana and I have been couped up all day and we didn't really want to go anywhere anyways:) But maybe being shut-in caused a little extra silliness at dinnertime.
Eliana loves to throw out new phrases she has picked up, even if she doesn't really understand how to use them. One of her favorites is to tell knock-knock jokes. Tonight's joke that she randomly threw out during dinner will be a classic!
Everyone was eating nicely (And thoroughly enjoying~I will definitely share the recipe!) when Eliana said, "Samuel, knock-knock. Who's there! Poo-poo!" And proceeded to cause herself to giggle hysterically for quite a long time.
When that grew a little old, Daddy decided to add in a line, which caused the hilarity to start all over again. If this doesn't make you laugh, it will at least leave you with a big smile on your face!

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grandma said...

I love laughter..even if its about poo poo..Of course that would make the boys laugh all the more..such fun..