Thursday, March 7, 2013

The USA and Baking Soda.

Today was such a beautiful day! I very much appreciate the sun after days of heavy, snowy skies and it is that much brighter when it reflects off of the white snow! The boys are sad to see the snow melting already but I know that everyone is itching to feel the warm rays of spring on their faces.

Only 2 more weeks before we get to enjoy the warm, beautiful Florida sun! I have been busy getting things ready. I went through the boys' summer clothes to see what they have/need since we will have to pull some out for our trip. I was really surprised to see how little they had! I can pass down a lot of things from Samuel to Zakkai, which leaves Samuel barren in the clothes department. Boy, these kiddos grow! Maybe I'll have to stop feeding them so well:)

Eliana LOVES to do puzzles and everytime I leave her in her class at church or at MOPS, they usually tell me that she's been busy doing puzzles or coloring. One of her newest favorite puzzles isn't an easy 12 piece puzzle for a 2 year old! It's a puzzle of the United States!

I was straightening some things in our room the other morning and I heard her pull out the puzzle in the boys' room. I came in a few minutes later, when she called me for help, and this is what I found! I was so amazed that she could do all of this by herself!

And then, Ben just popped my bubble and told me he's the one who helped her with this. Stinker! She does know where several of them go and I still think she's a smart cookie even if she didn't do this by herself:)


And in a totally random note, I got this book back on our date a few weeks ago at B&N all about cleaning with baking soda, lemons, vinegar and salt. It has tons of recipes for laundry, stains, cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, killing bugs and more!

Ben's been really intrigued by the idea of cleaning with more natural ingredients instead of spending lots of money on harsh chemicals. We've tested out a few things in the past week and let me tell you it works!!

I washed down our dingy, hand-printed walls last weekend with a vinegar mixture. No paint removal, no streaks and it looks much brighter and cleaner! Today Ben offered to scrub the bathtub with one of the recipes. We've had a really hard time getting the tough scum off the bathtub and we've tried many things. It seemed stuck there forever!

But Ben poured some baking soda all around the bathtub and used 1/2 a cut lemon to scrub. He said it took a few minutes and all of the sudden the layer of yuck came off and he could feel the tub getting smooth again. Let me tell you it WORKS! Our bathtub is sparkling clean and looks brand new! I absolutely recommend this.

He also scrubbed the tiles with another mixture and got any mildewy stuff off and as I write is trying a natural drain de-clogger with baking soda, vinegar and boiling water. I'll let you know if it works!

We must be very simple people for this kind of stuff to thrill us:) I guess that's a good thing, right?

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aunt t said...

We have used baking soda to clean the oven and it works!
Also, Uncle Kimn made up a solution for the carpet cleaner. It was white vinegar, baking soda and vanilla. The carpet looked clean and smelled good too!