Thursday, December 4, 2014


We have much to be thankful for. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with little things in life but I am learning more and more to take those things to the One who loves me and leave them there. And then I am overwhelmed at the blessings that surround us, even in the midst of trials and struggles. Often, it is the small things that get our attention the most!

Tonight I am thankful for the lost package that the post office worked hard to find for me! It was mis-delivered into the wrong mailbox and no one was taking responsibility to help me pay for it or recover it but the people at the post office kept looking and found it today. An answer to prayer!

I am thankful for the turkey that was a gift to our family and filled our tummies tonight. I am also extremely thankful for the 3+ meals that I will get out of it. We do not take our food for granted since we have to work so hard to buy it and keep it in the house. Not easy with three ravenous little monsters in the house:)

I am so thankful for the anonymous gift we were given last week that will allow us to buy a small gift for each of our children this year for Christmas. Something, we otherwise may not have been able to do.

Last week, Ben's car would not start on Thanksgiving morning and instead of stressing over it, we stopped and prayed and just tried to trust. I am so thankful for my mom, who has generously shared her AAA with us twice in the last month (hah!) and that it turned out to be only a $21 repair on a battery cable that needed to be replaced.

I am also thankful for our van that has been such a reliable vehicle for us in the past 4 years. I will choose to be thankful and trust God to provide for the many repairs we just found out it needs soon. He is good to us!

I am especially thankful for my beautiful family. For my dear husband, so faithful, trusting and hard-working. Who deserves the bear hugs he gets when he walks into our home each evening. For Samuel, who is going to be looking me in the eye probably within the year or so, and for his quick sense of humor. For the way his nose wrinkles when he laughs so hard and for his perseverance through these changes in our life.

For Zakkai, who is so eager to please and help others and for his bright blue eyes that always make me stop and stare when the light hits them. I am thankful for his wild imagination that often has us laughing or scratching our heads with its randomness!! And for Eliana with her feisty bossiness towards her brothers and her never-ending sweetness and love for her family. So thankful for her quick smile and even for the glasses that I once bemoaned, thinking it would change her perfectness. It did and now she's even cuter than before!

It is a season to be thankful for all of the gifts in each of our lives. The little touches from our Savior that grace each of our lives, if only we take the time to look around for them.

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