Tuesday, December 23, 2014


We've got a Christmas sickie over here:(  Just like Samuel's illness last week where he was fine in the morning and sick by lunchtime, Eliana was fine going to bed last night and woke up around 2:45 this morning crying. I went in and she was trying to tell me something that didn't really make sense and when I bent to kiss her forehead, realized she was burning up! She fell back asleep after I gave her Tylenol but was back up to 102 just after waking up this morning.

She was off and on all day, depending on whether the medicine was wearing off or not. She perked up later in the morning and even painted a picture with her brothers but shortly after I noticed she was really bothered by noises, etc and I went to sit with her on the couch and she fell asleep in my arms.

So sweet. She woke up halfway through her nap crying and saying her head hurt and her temp had risen to over 103 so I was able to give her something and she went back to sleep for another hour. Up down, up down all day! She is sleeping now and I am praying that she wakes up better because how sad would it be to have to miss  the Christmas Eve service tomorrow night and all the family Christmas festivities??

I still remember the Christmas when I was little and I had the stomach flu and was upstairs deathly ill (at least that is how you feel when you have a stomach virus!!) while everyone was having a great time downstairs. I ended up in the ER getting iv fluids.....ah, what lovely Christmas memories!

Here's to hoping and praying that this Christmas will be healthy and joyous!! (For us and you!!)

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