Monday, December 15, 2014

Some play time and Germs.

 On Saturday afternoon, everyone in the family took a little nap due to the late night Friday night! Well, everyone except Eliana, that is:) She played quietly in her room. After Ben left for work, I decided to take a walk with the kiddos to get our blood moving. There is a pond next to our neighborhood and near it, a swing set. Perfect for getting a little energy out!

Run, run!

Eliana was happy to be pushed while her brothers had height contests, which quickly turned into...

Jumping off the swing contests! Samuel got such a big kick out of me taking his action shots in mid-air:)

Surfer boy!

Love his expression!

Zakkai didn't want to go quite as high and I don't blame him! I was praying no one would break their leg:)

Z with his funny moves!
 I'm not quite ready for jumping contests, yet, Mama!

We came back home and I let them watch a little bit of a movie while I finished making some soup and cornbread. Perfect meal for a chilly night! We love some good soup in the winter around here!

We had such a restful day yesterday, which was very nice. Ben, especially, needs a day of rest since he works so much. He didn't get home til 12:30am Sunday morning from work!

Today I was cleaning my grandparent's house and my mom and niece popped over to say hi. My mom's phone rang a little big later and I was so surprised when she came over to me and told me it was the school calling to say that Samuel had a fever and needed to go home!

The school nurse had tried to call me and Ben and then went to our first emergency contact. (Both Grandmas are on the list!) We were thankful that the system worked and they were able to get ahold of me so quickly. Poor kiddo got all teary when I finally made it over to pick him up from school. The secretary said they have a lot of cases of the stomach flu and strep running through the school Yuck!

 He's had just a little fever all day (100.4), a bad headache and an off and on upset stomach. I am really hoping it will be a mild virus and he'll wake up feeling fine tomorrow. He has to stay home with me again due to the 24 hour fever rule so I guess we'll be having a quiet day tomorrow! It made Eliana and Zakkai really sad that Samuel is sick. They don't like having their best buddy not feeling well!

 We are all still shuddering internally from last year's "Black Plague" that happened just after Christmas so hopefully we will get this all out of our system before Christmas and have a healthy winter!

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grandma said...

Amen to a health winter..We never I mean never want to go thorough that New Year flu we had..Right Heidi..Not good..Love you all.