Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Growing Kids!

It was a day full of appointments! We finally got everything set up medically-wise and are trying to get caught up with all of our appointments. Eliana had both a dentist (beautiful teeth!) and a dr's appt today and her eye appt at the end of the month. The boys had dr's appts today and dentist appointments next week. I am afraid we will be heading into the world of palette expanders and braces before we know it!
Samuel is, as everyone could guess, tall and skinny! He weighed in at 61.8 lbs and is 4 ft 6 1/2 inches tall. He will be passing me by in less than a foot! He is somewhere between 65th-75th percentile for height, which he didn't get from me:) And he is 34th% for weight. Thankfully, he is nice and healthy!!
Zakkai is 52.6 lbs (37th %) and just above average for height at 4ft 2 inches. I told him that he has only 1ft 1inch to go before he reaches my height and he'll be patting me on the head before he knows it:) He is healthy, too, other than slight congestion (normal for him all winter) and a lingering cough.
Eliana is short and chubby:) She is 33.4 lbs (33rd %) and 3 ft 1 1/2 inches (7th % for height.) I am thankful she is above the 3rd % finally! She is slightly chubby for her height (but nothing serious) so the Dr said to watch her fat/dairy intake. I was thinking about it and I am not too worried because Zakkai had the same body type when he was her age (chubby with a Buddha belly!) and he is a beanpole now!  We eat pretty healthy and limit sweets. I think the "problem" (if you could even call it that) might be that she is not as active as the boys. And it's mostly my fault!  The time we spend together is mostly running errands, going to preschool, etc. I think I will try to work in a little fun exercise/dance time to our days to help make up for her lack of outside/playground time. It would help me, too! I will definitely not be worrying about her body or passing on any body image issues. I know that crap starts way too early with kids, girls especially and I know what it is like to struggle with that.
She is beautiful inside and out, the inside being the most important and that's what we'll continue to teach her! You know what they say.....Good things come in small packages:)

A little pic of B and I this weekend:) Happy Wednesday!

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grandma said...

Love the update..Your kiddos are perfect just the way they are..coming from great grandma..the picture of you and Ben is wonderful..Happy, Happy Yeah..