Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Trees and Buckeyes!

I totally dropped the ball blogging yesterday! Oops:) I'm still pretty happy with 6/7 days! My excuse is that it was a busy day and the Buckeyes were playing a really big game last night. I fell asleep probably 10 minutes before the end, too:)

Ben worked a lot this weekend so he was really tired. We hung around in the morning yesterday and then before he had to go to work again, we ran out and got a little Christmas tree! My mom and stepdad get a real tree every year and asked if we wanted to meet them nearby to pick one out.

We haven't had a real tree since 2004! I clearly remember Ben dragging it down the apartment steps after Christmas, leaving a long trail of dead pine needles....:) Since then we have put up our teeny 3 ft high Christmas (fake!) tree most years and for a few years we had an old cast off from my Grandma. It leaned a little and the lights flickered occasionally but it was still pretty until we had to lay it to rest a couple years ago.

This year, we weren't even going to get a tree, as we have a super small living room but we decided to get a little one just because we can! And there is something SO beautiful about a real tree.

Love my mom and stepdad!

Cheese! It was FREEZING outside so it was pretty much the shortest Christmas-tree-picking-outing ever. But still fun:)

Short but cute! We still haven't put any lights or anything on it because Ben had to run off to work after he put it up and then we have been gone all day today. Hopefully tomorrow!

We have a pretty wreath to help cover up our ugly orange door! Orange is definitely not my favorite color but there's nothing to do about it except make it look at pretty as possible:)

Our cuties last week at the family Buckeye party! They got their Buckeye shirts from their Grandma and they wear them faithfully every Saturday:) They will hardly know what to do with themselves with football season coming to a close!

Now off to get ready for the new week ahead. Hope you had a great weekend!


Ben said...

What a beautiful tree. I like Zakkai's face/curiosity in the edge of the picture! Emily and I wish you a happy and hopeful Advent and look forward to the next time we can all get together!

grandma said...

Love the tree..We always had a real tree until one year it just got to be to much for Grandpa and I guess me too..So now Im looking a my beautiful perfect fake tree.very thankful its up..Don't we have fun eating a watching our beloved Buckeyes play football..more to come..