Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Date!!

 I have a GREAT reason for not blogging last night! Ready? We......went on a date! woohoo! One of the perks of living close to family. That and having help when your car keeps breaking down:)

I dropped the kiddos off at my mom's house where they feasted on pizza and watched a movie. They even got to spend the night, which was such a big treat for them! They have never gotten to do this kind of thing. Eliana was excited but a little nervous. She had to call me around 9:30 last night to say goodnight because she was feeling a little sad:( I guess she went right to sleep after she was assured of our love for her:)

We got to eat dinner and do a little Christmas shopping for our babies, thanks to a gift given to us! We have been so blessed! We went from not being able to get our kids anything to being able to get them each a gift, some stocking stuffers and one big gift for them to share. God has really provided for us and we are so thankful.

It was so fun wandering around Target aimlessly without having to reprimand children to stop touching everything they see or wandering off or whatever. We wandered! Who gets to do that?? We got home after 9:30pm and watched a Redbox movie. It was such a great evening!

AND we got to sleep in til 8am this morning! I woke up expecting to hear Eliana calling for me that she had to go to the bathroom but there was only silence. Weird. Last night I missed them so much. Funny, isn't it? They were gone only just over 16 hours and it felt like days! They gave us big hugs this morning and told us all about their fun. They are super tired today so I am hoping for some good quiet time this afternoon!

Yesterday I got Eliana to take a little nap (3 naps this week, can you believe it?!) but she woke up SO grouchy. After trying to rock with her for a bit and get her to wake up slowly, I finally put her back in her bed and told her she needed some more time to wake up and I would wait in my room and when she was ready, she could come get me. She cried for about 5 minutes and then I heard her door shut. I waited a couple minutes and went to investigate and I found her glasses set neatly outside her door:) haha. It made me laugh! Sometimes she just needs some time to wake up slowly. She was back to her happy self about 10 minutes later.

I decided last-minute to do a little ornament craft with the kids this morning. I don't do crafts with them much anymore, like I used to when the boys were little. We did a little salt-dough handprint ornament. The boys put in the ingredients and Samuel kneaded the dough. (He was munching on an apple in the picture.)

We put the handprints on a tray to bake and I let them play with the scraps. Z decided to make a little Olaf:)

Such a tired girl!! I will post pictures after the ornaments dry and we paint them! They got so much pleasure out of decorating our tree this year and seeing all their ornaments they've made at school that I knew another handmade ornament would be a hit!

Plus I will enjoy wiping away a stray tear years from now as I look at their handprints and reminisce about how little they were:)

Have a great Saturday!

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Emily and Frank said...

Woo hoo for a date night!! And a bonus of getting to sleep in!