Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The joys of dressing.

 With school starting one week from tomorrow (ah!), I decided our last free day (with a car!), we should do something fun! It wasn't very hard to talk the boys into a trip to IKEA!

Imagine our happy surprise when we walked in the doors, only to be told that kids eat free on Tuesdays! Double score! We had fun browsing for a bit and letting them play in the kids area before breaking for lunch.

Happy boys! Zakkai got the macaroni which came with a huge pile of steamed veggies. I was really surprised when he didn't say a word but gobbled up every bit of them! Way to go, Z:)

Cheese face! Eliana had a good time munching as slowly as two year olds do. Which is slow. We looked a bit downstairs in the home goods section before heading home. Two hours of fun at Ikea! You honestly don't need to buy much to have fun there, although you can usually find a couple little dinky things to brighten up your house:)

Tonight, Eliana decided to one-up her brothers in salad eating at an earlier age by gobbling up lettuce dipped in salad dressing! I was impressed. All my kiddos really got into salad dressing this summer. Samuel had finally started eating his salad with Italian this past year but Zakkai faithfully munched on his dry salad with zero dressing. Ick.

But then they discovered the joys of Ranch! There are so many good veggies you can dip in ranch! Gone are the days of Samuel moaning over having to eat raw carrots. He gobbles them up! They both prefer the Italian for salad whereas Eliana wants any dressing that she sees on the table. She will often have three little piles on her plate and there is NO limit to what she will dip in it! Which can be gross but hey, whatever floats her boat. As long as she's eating and not arguing over veggies, I'm happy!

I finished the day with a rousing game of Mouse Trap with the boys (woohoo!) and some Zumba. Not bad for a Tuesday!


muggalove said...

Wow, Im jealous! I love Ikea! I've been planning a trip when I get better. I love you all

mommyoflove3 said...

I wish we could go together!