Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sickness, Sewing and Birthday!

 The cold germs continue. They consumed Eliana as of last night. She was suspiciously sneezing yesterday afternoon but the cold consensus was confirmed by the continual crying through the night and appearance of the dreaded runny nose.

Today she had "sick eyes" and I had constant nose-wiping duty. I just re-use the burp clothes I made when she was born for nose cloths because they are so soft on a runny nose! I hoping that she will be a wee bit less cranky tomorrow....:)

Here she is yesterday afternoon, tucking her baby and elephant into Baby C's bouncy seat:)

She sure loves her babies!!

Samuel reading a little "Chronicles of Narnia" to Daddy:) Samuel is just soaking up any and all time he can get with Ben right now. Playing catch, doing homework, reading books, hugs...

I made a purse! I have a bag-fettish and cannot have enough bags/purses. I absolutely love Vera Bradley because there are so many different styles and fabrics (some cute and fun, some ugly:) but they are super expensive and I can only get them once in a blue moon when I get my birthday discount plus a good sale.

So, I thought I would make one! It took about 3 days because the beginning stages of cutting out all the pieces and applying the interfacing takes a really long time. I added 3 extra pockets because I love pockets! There is one on the outside (you can barely see it) and one big/2 smaller ones on the inside. I thought the blue would be good for fall. Now, I will not show you any close-ups so you cannot see the mistake I made in lining up the exterior and lining of the purse:)

I have had to force myself not to pick up any books this week, just so I would work on my projects. If I have a good book, I can't put it down and focus on anything else. And I've read a LOT of books this summer so it's been good for me to focus on something else:)

I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my sweet Grandma! You are such a gift to me, FULL of love, wisdom, kindness and care for your family. I pray this is a special year, full of blessings!

Mommy-duty calls; I hear a sad little girl waking up crying.....

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grandma said...

thank you Heidi for the Birthday wishes..Had a wonderful time..Niermans were here and the rehursal dinner..So it was fun..Missed you all so for the wedding..It was lovely food so good..the microphone was awful but everything else was great..Aunt Judy look beautiful in her pretty dress..Terri was dressed in a neat kind of texas colors..Loved it she looks so good and is so happy looking forward to baby yoder coming..Isn't that exciting..Our 12th great..Miss you me! Love