Monday, August 26, 2013

A New Season!

 Is it Monday already? I had no idea so many days went by without blogging! Last week was absolutely exhausting. There was so much going on and I was completely wiped out by Friday night. I am like my Grandma now, falling asleep halfway through a movie;) (Love you, Gma!)

On Saturday I got to sneak out of the house for a good chunk of time to go to a baby shower for our good friend, who flew back from CO! I finished up a little sewing Saturday morning before I left, while Ben had the boys practice some math and then act out "Peter and The Wolf." He found this music online and it is very cool! I will have to copy the link so you can listen to it. It was so cute to watch them act it out and then, of course, Missy had to join in:)

Here is one of the things I made for my friend's soon-to-arrive baby girl! I thought she might like a pretty dress to wear for her first Christmas!

I was pretty happy with how it turned out:)

I also put together this cute little kit for Eliana, to keep her busy. I saw this on pinterest awhile back and finally got around to making it. I bought a pencil box for her when we went school supply shopping, for less than a dollar and then found a pack of colored popsicle sticks and Velcro dots. I cut the Velcro dots in half and put a half on each end of the sticks, both sides.

She seriously played with these ALL day! Making shapes and letters and all sorts of things. Very easy and fun!

Just doing a little light reading:) Some of Eliana's favorite books to get from the library are Beatrix Potter books. They are about animals and they are perfectly sized for little hands to hold!

Silly girl:)

Zakkai already has his first cold of the season:( I am hoping that with some extra rest and good hand washing, it will pass quickly. He was a bit on the cranky side tonight!

Samuel brought home the first homework of the year already:) Thankfully, it was very easy and there was no arguing! I need to work hard on creating good afternoon routines because it can get very stressful between the after school hours and bedtime, with the boys coming home emptying book bags of papers, begging for snacks, helping with homework, neighborhood kids knocking at the door, preparing dinner, bedtime routines and beginning to get ready for the next day. Makes me tired just to type it!

I do love a new season though, with the hope of creating fresh, new routines. Always the chance to do it even better than before! And fall is my very favorite season!


Emily and Frank said...

Such a cute dress- I love the fancy stitching!
I keep meaning to make that popsicle stick/velcro dot craft for A, too. Good to know it's worth the effort!

muggalove said...

Loved that little dress! And the popsicle craft was so clever too. I can't believe you could have time to do it! Though even though I was raising five little girls I loved to take the time to sew. Love, Mom