Monday, August 19, 2013


 When we found out Zakkai was going to be a boy, I needed about 10-20 minutes to adjust from my hopes of having a girl before I was truly thrilled that Samuel would have a brother! Immediately visions of bunk beds and two little boys playing cars or trains together danced in my head. And oh, how I enjoyed those early years of my two little buddy shadows that went everywhere with me!

They played SO well together when they were littler. At least that I remember. It's entirely possible that I blocked out the more unpleasant memories! Okay, so I probably did. But I do know that they loved to play together. And they still do. Most of the time. Until Samuel's older brother bossy tendancies get in the way. And Zakkai's annoying little brother tendancies get in the way.

We teach over and over about respecting each other's words, compassion and kindness to each other. And just when I am about to rip my hair out thinking that nothing has gotten through to them and their relationship will be nothing but tattling, wrestling and shouting at each other, they have moments where their giggles are uncontrollable. They get caught up in an invented game or a silly moment and they just love being together. And then I feel a little hope all over again that maybe the fighting is normal and they really will love each other and learn to be not only brothers but friends.

I pray and hope that as they get older, they will learn to treasure the gift they have in each other.

A built in life-long friend.

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