Thursday, August 1, 2013

Black and White.

I have some crazy kids! Dressing up in hot costumes in July:) The boys get the silliest ideas and then they coral Eliana into joining them, which she does with little hesitation! Hmm. Definitely potential for trouble!

Thankfully there were no leaking toilets, workers, or angry neighbors today. Well, unless you count the 7 year old boy who lives two buildings over, who has an anger problem. And who punched Zakkai in the arm a couple days ago, hard enough to leave bruises. Oh, and who punched Samuel in the FACE today. I heard Samuel yell "ow!" and start crying and by the time he got to me, he was crying so hard he could barely breathe. I admit, at first I was thinking it was probably a little less dramatic than he made it seem, as it often is. But he uncovered his cheek and it was already purple and bruised!! Boy, this has not been our week for neighbors, has it?

I went and found the boy, whom we've had many issues with (he doesn't necessarily have the best home life) and told him that he couldn't use his hands to hurt people when he was angry, that now both my boys had bruises from him punching them and if he did it again, I was going to talk to his parents. (Oh, PLEASE don't make me do that!!! I've had enough of scary, angry people!!!) I really hate this kind of stuff. Being a parent sure pushes you out of your shell and forces you to stand up for your children or deal with issues you'd rather not! I try to give the boys the words and opportunities to deal with all the minor stuff themselves, instead of tattling all the time. But this kind of stuff? I think it calls for a parent (a.k.a. mama bear!) to step in and say, "Whoa." At least it affords good teaching opportunities for the boys and reiterates our continual lessons on respect, kindness and love. Oy.

On a lighter note, we were walking to Trader Joe's tonight and Zakkai, who's interesting brain is always rolling out observations and crazy stories, said, "Mommy, back a long time ago when there were old cars like in the 4th of July parade, was everything black and white?" I paused and said, "You mean the cars or everything around us like the buildings, sky, etc?" He said, "Everything here. Was it all black and white?" Funny and smart question! I can see how he would think that since old movies and photographs are black and white! I love his brain sometimes:) I wish I was always patient enough to listen carefully to the things he has to say.

It's not always easy to be patient when you are tired or stressed or super busy. But I am really thankful there is new mercy and compassion from the Lord every morning so I have a new chance!


Aunt t said...

When does school start in Chicago?
I think school starts the 20th in our area.
It's always bitter/ sweet when school starts, because its a change in the schedule and the unknown about the teachers and how your children will adjust.
I liked having them home with me, most of the time when they were little...😊

mommyoflove3 said...

It starts the 21st here, Aunt T. I can't believe the summer is almost over but I am ready for structure and routine! I am praying that the boys get good teachers.